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Bring Your Museum Into The 21st Century

Create a modern museum experience in minutes

Build To Help


Build more intuitive and engaging visitor experiences with your own custom mobile application. Helping you ensure returning visitors, develop more engaging exhibits, and expand your audience appeal.

Complete Customization

You can easily specify all of the graphics, fonts, colors, museum information, and other media in the app to more closely align with the content and aesthetic of your museum.

Admin Dashboard

With our intuitive content management dashboard, you can easily add and remove media, create and update new exhibits, browse our analytics reports, and customize every aspect of your museum’s app.

Data Analytics

We track how users use the app and how they move through the museum to help you identify the more engaging parts of your exhibits and the areas that could use a little help.

Unlimited Users

Our platform is intentionally designed to be scalable. Whether you’re a small neighborhood museum or a large one, our system is equipped to easily handle any number of simultaneous visitors.

24/7 Support

Sleep easy knowing that you will have customer and technical support around the clock. We will be happy to assist you with any technical issues, billing concerns, or any other questions you may have.

Audio Guides

Enabling this feature will allow individuals to purchase and listen to your audio tour directly through the app. Eliminating the need for physical audio guide devices and dedicated staff.

Multiple Languages

The app natively supports over 20 different languages and will automatically configure the app to the user’s native language. Using our translation service, your museum can support even more!

Real-Time Updates

Any changes you make within the dashboard (content, design, or other media changes) are reflected in the application in real-time. Rest assured, your visitors will always have the most up to date information.

Pricing For All Your Needs

Unlimited access to all of our features for one flat fee – no surprises.


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